Do you have a busy lifestyle or like to do a variety of fitness training styles well this pass is for you. You can pick from over 30 live zoom or in studio sessions on our weekly schedule.  This pass means you can attend an Ignite Session 1 x a week or try us out before setting into a regular routine.  You will love the mix of training available. Come join us for the hustle!!!


*This pass entitles you to 4 sessions on the schedule. 

*Valid for 30 days from purchase so don’t delay - book in to avoid disappointment.

*Please note this pass is for sessions only.

*All sales are final.

4 Session Pass

  • All participants must complete a PARQ form prior to starting at Ignite Fitness. This can be done in person at the Ignite Fitness Studio prior to your

    first session. Clients should inform trainers of nay changes in health or injuries prior to the start of any session.

    All participants must arrive 5-10 minutes prior to start time. For your own safety (to keep you free from injury) if you miss the warm up, you miss the

    session. Wear appropriate clothing sports wear and trainers - failure to do so may you will be refused entry to the session.

    No less than 12 hours notice must be given to cancel a session or you forfeit the session; you will be able to cancel and rebook a session for a day/

    time that is convenient for you, subject to adequate notice being given and session availability. Persistent or multiple cancellation will result in

    forfeited session passes (this is at all times at the sole discretion of Ignite Fitness).

    Ignite Fitness accepts no responsibility for any loss of or damage to property while you are in/on the Ignite Fitness Studio or wider Axiom premises,

    nor to do we take responsibility for any personal injury or accidents occurring during your therein or thereon.

    We expect you to be respectful of your fellow members and training staff - we will take a zero tolerance approach to anything less, meaning you will

    be asked to leave if this not adhered to. We operate a supportive hard-working friendly policy at Ignite Fitness and we want to keep it that way -

    work hard, have fun and be friendly.

    Monthly memberships will continue on a 3 month rolling basis and require notification in writing via email to to be

    cancelled, giving at least one months notice.

    Memberships can be frozen on medical grounds for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 - this should be requested via email to giving at least 1 months notice. This is subject always to the discretion of Ignite Fitness.

    All sales are final. No refunds will be given for any purchase unless a refund request is based medical grounds, in which case any refund must be

    requested in writing as aforementioned and is subject always to the discretion of Ignite Fitness.

    Your privacy is important to us. Ignite Fitness Glasgow will only use your information insofar as necessary for the purposes of delivering services to

    you and for some closely related purposes (e.g. client satisfaction surveys) and only ever insofar as is permitted by law. Your information is stored

    safely and strictly for our own means of communication with you for the administration of your membership and our provision of services to you. We

    communicate via email, text and social media. If you have preferred way to be contacted please let us know us by emailing us at: We will only ever share your information with third parties if it’s necessary and as permitted by law. We respect the

    safeguarding of information and privacy. Please refer to our Privacy Notice for further information.

  • Your privacy is important to Ignite Fitness Glasgow. This Privacy Notice explains when and why we collect your personal information (or data), how we use it, the circumstances in which we might disclose it to others, and your rights as a ‘data subject’ in relation to your personal information. Any questions about this Privacy Notice and our privacy practices can be emailed or sent in writing to: Ignite Fitness Glasgow, Axiom - Studio 208, 54 Washington Street, Glasgow G3 8AZ. Who are we? Ignite Fitness Glasgow is a Glasgow-based boutique-style fitness studio offering group personal training and 1-2-1 personal training sessions. It’s owned and run by Lorraine Richardson, a personal trainer with over 15 years’ experience of putting people through their paces, and Kendra Lennox, who works away in the background. When and why we collect your personal information We collect your personal information when you: - buy our services (whether it’s a one-session pass or a VIP membership) - make enquiries about our services - communicate with us by any means (verbal, email, letter, phone, social media) - visit our website - pose for a wee picture after a Session (only if you want to!). What information we collect The personal information we collect might includes your name, address, email address, date of birth, and, if you visit our website (, your IP address and information regarding what pages you access. We might also take your picture before and/or after a session at our Studio and post it on our social media pages (but we’d never post your picture if you would prefer we didn’t – just let us know!). PAR-Q / health info Before you workout at Ignite Fitness Glasgow, you need to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire or PAR-Q. It’s a self-screening questionnaire that you use to help you determine how safe it is for you to exercise. As it asks questions about your health, it contains what could be ‘special category data’, which is more sensitive than other bits and pieces of your personal information like your name and address. We need you to complete a PAR-Q: - for insurance and legal purposes; - so that we can deliver our great services to you; May 2018 2 - to protect both yours and our legitimate interests (your health and wellbeing is important to us - we would generally only use the information you put on the PAR-Q to help you through your fitness journey if necessary; remember it’s your responsibility to complete the PAR-Q accurately, to consult your doctor before embarking on exercise with Ignite Fitness Glasgow if necessary and to let us know if you have any injuries or niggles); - more rarely, to protect your vital interests (i.e. to protect your life) or (even more rarely) to protect those of another person, but only ever to the extent that this is necessary and permitted/justified under data protection laws. One last thing about PAR-Qs – we store them securely in our Studio – only Ignite Fitness Glasgow personnel have access to them (and only when required, which is very rarely). We might share them with third parties if we need to (e.g. for insurance and/or legal purposes, though we hope that will never happen!) Payment info We use third-parties to manage memberships and to process payments: they include, but are not limited to, PayPal and Bookwhen. Your payment information is not held by us - it’s collected by our third party payment processors (e.g. Paypal), who specialise in the secure online capture and processing of credit/debit card transactions. If you’ve signed up to or use our online booking service and/or Paypal (or any other third party processors we use now or going forward), they will collect and store your personal information. Remember to read their privacy notices too. Further information on these third parties can be found on their respective websites: and How we use your information If you buy services from us (be it a VIP membership, a single Session Pass or a personal training session) or contact us, we will use your personal information in order to provide those services to you. However, we only use it to provide the services you’ve requested and/or purchased from us – in other words, so that we can fulfil our contractual obligations to you – for example to administer your membership and instruct you during sessions, and for other closely related purposes (for example, we might carry out a survey to find our if you are happy with the services we’ve provided). If you have consented to us using your personal information to contact you for marketing purposes, then we’ll use it for that too. We’ve mentioned the PAR-Q – see above for more detail. We’re sure it won’t come to this, but should a member fall behind in with their monthly payments, it may be necessary for us to share their information with our accounting, legal and/or debt recovery advisors. If you contact us via social media We love a bit of social media (#doitforthegram…!). If you contact us via social media (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp) then the relevant social media provider may store your information (including our conversations). You can find more information on the relevant social media provider’s website (you should read their Privacy Notices/Terms of Use too!).