Simple wins to keep you moving and your metabolism ticking during lockdown.

With the country on lockdown and most people working from or being at home, we may be missing out on some of the activity that can contribute up to 15% of your daily energy expenditure (the amount of calories you burn).

This daily activity is called NEAT - Non-Exercise Thermogenesis - everyday activities like walking, commuting, moving around the office, fidgeting, manual labour jobs or generally active jobs and activities. NEAT is just one element of your total daily energy expenditure. There are others that you can influence, such as structured exercise and nutrition, but for today we’ll look at NEAT and how we can maintain it during these strange times.

Most things are somewhat out of our control at the moment, but increasing your NEAT activities will really help you keep control of how you’re feeling and thinking over the coming weeks. I’m optimistic that if you can get a handle on and an understanding of how they influence you right now then it may influence your way of living in the future.

Sound NEAT? Try these:-

  1. Set your alarm for 30-40 min intervals, get up and go a walk around the house; if you have stairs head up and down them 3-4 times, or walk around the garden.

  2. Whenever you get up to make a snack or get a drink, do 30 squats or 50 high knee marches when you’re waiting on the kettle or something cooking.

  3. Leave your water bottle in the kitchen so you need to go and get it to have a drink, or only fill it up half way so you need to get up for a refill.

  4. We all have a time for outdoor activity so head out for a brisk walk for 30mins.

  5. Get out and do the gardening, clean the windows, tidy the house, hang the washing (try only taking a few garments at a time to hang).

  6. Walk the dog, play with your kids.

Add some of these simple tasks into your day along with a structured workout and sensible nutrition and you should see an increase in your total daily energy expenditure.

Try it out! Wear an activity monitor and see the difference - try one day with the monitor, one day without it. You’ll be surprised at the impact NEAT can have!

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