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How to stay positive!

Life has thrown us a bit of a curveball recently... I certainly thought I was in some surreal nightmare initially and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in that thought!

It’s difficult with the current climate and daily challenges we are all facing to maintain a positive mindset. Our mental health is so very important in helping with the daily stress and anxiety that we may be encountering at the moment. So to help you navigate this strange time, we’ve pulled together some valuable tips for your toolkit. Have a read and take what you need from it - they may not all resonate with you, but take inspiration from them and create your own toolkit that works for you and your family!

“Where your mind goes energy flows” - When you constantly focus on the negatives around you it will start to cause you unnecessary anxiety and additional stress. Try to shift your focus to the things you appreciate and love in your life. Keep a daily appreciation diary, and write about the things you love, wins for the day, your favourite daily memory, opportunities to improve yourself or help others, and any tasks you achieved (big or small).

Surround yourself with positive vibes - Read development books, watch fun or inspiring films, follow positive Instagram accounts, repeat/read or make your own personal affirmations; minimise your exposure to the news - stay informed but don’t immerse yourself in it.

Positive actions - When we feel vulnerable we should do what we can to support ourselves and others. Connect with friends and communities and take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in this. Find ways to help others through video calls, virtual coffee dates and share you feelings or thoughts. You will see and experience similar situations and maybe even find solutions allowing any vulnerability you feel to disperse. Reach out to to those who would love and take comfort in a connection.

Seize the opportunity - Most of us are restricted by the current government guidelines to stay home and while you maybe working from the house you will still have substantially more down time within your 4 walls than you will be used to. Use it positively - read books, take online courses, paint, draw, write or play music, do a jigsaw (if you can get your hands on one!). It’s an ideal time to do that thing you historically have always put off for another day!

Try to keep a routine - Working from home will present some challenges, from space to how to switch off or even get started with work and minimising distractions (children, dogs, significant others, tv) - there are many, but there are work-arounds! One way to stay in control is to create a daily routine that works for you as a family or an individual - it will help you focus regardless of whether you’re working from home or not. Set clocks for start times (there’s got to be a school bell app...!), shower and dress for your working day, workout, take set breaks and clock off!

Exercise and eat well - It’s doesn’t need to be a daily sweat fest when you workout - take a walk, focus on strength moves - use the variety that daily workouts offer. Now is a great time to focus on a well-balanced healthy eating regime - remember, it’s important to maintain a healthy immune system so eat colourful, nutritious foods and minimise the junk to help keep a healthy mind and body.

These are just a few ideas for you. Most, if not all, can be used all year round, but now more than ever they can really work for you to garner and maintain a positive mindset!

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