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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

To change your lifestyle successfully, you need to have the right mindset, intent and action with purpose.

A good place to start with this is setting some goals, start with a clear view of what you want and why you are doing it and then set weekly, monthly and yearly goals that will work your way towards it.

Pick one of these and start to make some healthier habits.

Improve Diet: Keep a food diary, note patterns, cut out one bad snack, eat a piece of fruit, daily.

Stress management: Find activity that relieves stress the best way for you : Yoga ,exercise, meditation try it every other day a note the effects increase as you feel comfortable with it.

Good Sleep: A decent sleep pattern will have a knock on effect on everything from a healthy weight, how you cope with stress to how you perform at work, everyone is different but between 7-9 hours is best. Try some new bedtime routines to hep you get into a deeper sleep from no phones, lighting, reading to meditation. Find the best approach for you and aim to start applying your new method gradually until its' a daily routine.

Get more active: find a sport you like, walk more, get to the gym. Find something that you enjoy and work it in every other day then start to increase the efforts at it you will be surprised how quickly you feel the effects the results from making this habit into a lifestyle choice has on on areas of your life from Improved IQ, Better focus,Higher Self Esteem, Reduced Anxiety, Better quality of sleep and a reduced waistline.

Try to create a new habit for at least 21 days before adding another , try a new habit a month and by the end of the year or 12 month period you should have at least 8 new healthy habits built into your lifestyle.

Good luck and if you need any help creating your new habits drop me an email i will be happy to help.

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