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Effective Goal Setting

Effective goal setting will allow you to visualise your goal in

your mind and also the required steps to making that happen.

The desired goal or objective is often referred to as an

‘outcome’. By classifying our goals as outcomes, will help

distinguish between where you are now and where you really

want to be.

By setting outcomes we typically achieve a change in mindset;

one that is more focused on what we want to achieve.


Have a clear purpose and direction

Be able to visualise what you want, and how to chase after it

Be able to assess progress

Be much more likely to achieve a result

By considering our goals as outcomes, we must also understand that these same outcomes bring changes and consequences too. We should therefore answer a number of questions to help visualise ourselves at the end goal and what it may feel like as a result. When setting goals, they are typically long-term outcomes. Therefore, it can be difficult to measure the small changes or progress towards these larger more significant goals, and many people can get side tracked or lost by not understanding how to track this progress. By setting ‘mini goals’ we can see how our daily performances and processes are helping us progress towards our main goal. By breaking the goal down into daily performances or specific tasks that would need to be completed to achieve the main goal, progress is much easier tracked and noticed.

To ensure we can set effective and measurable goals, we can use

the SMART principles. This technique ‘pulls’ the most important information, while

also giving us a chance to think about our goal and how we

will go about achieving it.

For a handy worksheet on how to work on your individual goals pop me an email and i can help get you started on achieving more. Hopefully this information has helped you start the process of how to effectively goal set.

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