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A Simple Win For The Waistline!

It can be overwhelming and daunting the thought of trying to make changes to improve your waistline and it doesn't help when almost daily you will receive information on shakes, teas, pills, tricks and magic potions or plans promising quick fixes. The end result often being short lived results, if any and ultimately disappointment.

Stop waisting time, money and energy on items or plans that will not serve you. Start with one step at a time and work on being consistent with it. Once you master one move on to the next. So if you're looking for a place to start then try this simple step and you will begin to see changes in your waistline without having to cut out the foods you love, go on a crash diet or constantly weight all your foods.

Portion Control

How ?

1. Eat from a smaller plate.

2. Use your hands as a portion guide, this will allow you to get adequate amounts of protein carbohydrates and fats into your meals eliminating the guess work from how much is enough.

3. Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful. "Savour the flavour"

Check this handy diagram to show you just how much is enough.

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